Insurance in Bite-Size Chunks

Insurance in Bite-Size Chunks

Lorenzo Chan Jr. is President of Pioneer Insurance Group and board member of the Microinsurance Network. His company is the host of the first edition of the Microinsurance Master programme.

Chan’s take on breaking down insurance into a ‘bite-size’ commodity (or ‘sachet insurance’) is fascinating.

In this video for Bloomberg TV, Chan also explains how Pioneer has helped to simplify the processes and the amount of paperwork involved in applying for and understanding the terms and conditions of microinsurance.

Watch out for Chan’s excellent ideas for making insurance more accessible for the masses – and his food for further thought here:

“If you make too much profit on it…are you actually providing adequate value to the market?”

Lorenzo Chan – July 17, 2017Pioneer Group President Lorenzo Chan spoke to our correspondent Bev Natividad about how “sachet insurance” is filling gaps in the market.

Posted by Bloomberg TV Philippines on Saturday, July 22, 2017