Become a microinsurance master.

Learn from industry leaders
in a unique accelerator programme
that will make you and your business thrive. 

Be the changemaker. Join us now.


2 weeks immersion training

at a microinsurance champion
mostly out of the office


8 weeks tailored coaching

by internationally renowned
microinsurance leaders


You & your business thrive

with transformative insights,
frameworks and tools

  • This comprehensive 10-week programme is the first designed specifically for microinsurance leaders.
  • Praised with a 97% recommendation rating by 37 key-decissions makers from 20 countries.
  • With a unique learning-by-doing approach and by working with leaders in the sector, your expertise is magnified with powerful insights and practical examples.
  • We focus on client-centric solutions that reduce the vulnerability of low-income people and make your business thrive.

Why apply?

“If you are a decision-maker, looking at your numbers and asking yourself,
‘why is microinsurance not working out for us?’, you should join this programme.” 

Microinsurance Master - Professional-advance

A unique accelerator programme

Microinsurance Master is not (just) a training. Following 2 weeks of immersion training, you receive 8 weeks of tailored coaching by recognised industry leaders.

Hosted by an industry leader

Hosted by an industry leader

Pioneer Microinsurance is an internationally recognised microinsurance champion. We camp out in their offices in the Philippines, going behind the scenes to learn about their unique distribution models and discover their ‘secret sauce’ in paying claims fast.

Micro Insurance Master - Sasd

Latest industry insights

The programme includes valued insight from leading innovation hubs like the ILO’s Impact Insurance Facility and CGAP. The insights, frameworks, and tools are designed to make your business thrive.

Micro Insurance Master - doing

You learn by doing

You don’t learn to bake a cake by studying its recipe. You learn by baking one. With us you work on a challenging microinsurance assignment for Pioneer Microinsurance and learn from each other - by doing.

Micro Insurance Master - Coach

Get coached by industry leaders

Renowned microinsurance coaches help you get the training takeaways kickstarted back home. Leadership coaches include Michael J. McCord, President of the MicroInsurance Centre, Richard Leftley, CEO of Microensure, and Geric Laude, CEO of Pioneer Microinsurance.

Micro Insurance Master - Network

Join a network of changemakers

By attending Microinsurance Master, you will join a network of leaders who continue to share and learn how to provide more and better risk alleviation solutions to low-income communities.

Microinsurance Master is designed for microinsurance leaders

Are you the changemaker we are looking for?

  • Microinsurance Master is a must-attend programme for key-decission makers who want to make their clients and company thrive.
  • Whether you are an established microinsurance provider looking for new inspiration or you are new to the industry and want to make sure you are receiving the best coaching available, this programme will give you what you need for your practice to level up and thrive.
Microinsurance Master programme

Who designed the programme?

  • Microinsurance Master is led by Bert Opdebeeck, best known for his decade-long quest to promote the microinsurance key performance indicators: now accepted as an industry standard.
  • To deliver the programme, we have the backing of leading enablers in the sector, such as:
Pioneer Your Pioneer - Logo
CP - CardPioneer
ILO's Impact Insurance Facility
MicroInsurance Centre
Microinsurance Network
ADA Micro Finance