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2 weeks immersion training

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Microinsurance Master Immersion 2020
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Why apply?

“If you are a decision-maker, looking at your numbers and asking yourself,
‘why is microinsurance not working out for us?’, you should join this programme.” 

Microinsurance Master - Professional-advance

Proven Return on Investment

Two Microinsurance Masters attracted a high-profile investor. Another increased its microinsurance premium with $ one million. Yet another turned a $200,000 loss into a $100,000 profit. All within a year of joining Microinsurance Master.

Hosted by an industry leader

Hosted by an industry leader

Pioneer Insurance is an internationally recognised microinsurance champion. We camp out in their offices in the Philippines for two weeks, going behind the scenes and out of the office to experience first-hand their successful microinsurance recipe.

Micro Insurance Master - Sasd

Latest industry insights

Our successful microinsurance recipe includes a customer-centric startup way of working. We distill valued insight from leading innovation hubs like the ILO’s Impact Insurance Facility and CGAP that make your business thrive.

Micro Insurance Master - doing

You learn by doing

You don’t learn to bake a cake by studying its recipe. You learn by baking one. With Microinsurance Master you first experience a successful microinsurance recipe during a two-week immersion. Next, our coaches help you to tailor it to your organisation.

Micro Insurance Master - Coach

Get coached by industry leaders

Over the course of eight weeks, renowned microinsurance coaches help you to kickstart your microinsurance activities. Leadership coaches include Michael J. McCord, President of the MicroInsurance Centre, Richard Leftley, CEO of Microensure, and Geric Laude, CEO of Pioneer Microinsurance.

Micro Insurance Master - Network

Join a network of changemakers

By joining Microinsurance Master, you become part of a network of leaders who continue to share and learn how to provide more and better risk alleviation solutions to low-income communities.


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